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Independent Living

Independent elder living is evolving in India.

Independent elder living is suitable to elders who need company , would like to be part of a larger community of elders, would like basic worries like housekeeping, security and food taken care of.

Today, once can choose between independent villas, apartments, co living spaces to dormitories in senior living. Again the choice to buy , lease or rent is also available.

At Care Finder® we work extensively to help people with living solutions. Choosing the right kind of living requirements, can be quite arduous. Many factors like your background, background of the promotors, who will service the community, what are the costs etc., will have a clear bearing on your choice.

It is important to choose retirement communities that offer continuity in servicing and have a track record. And more importantly, to ensure that the communities are equipped to handle the transition of needs in ageing.

It is important to know what you are paying for. What amenities matter to you. And what don’t. If you are buying, what is the UDS you own. Who owns the community area ?

Most importantly choosing a living solutions is all about knowing what you want and what you are willing to pay.

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