Care Finder's Range of Elderly Care Services in Chennai


When it comes to our loved ones, we want only the best for them.

Finding the right kind of service to meet your loved ones needs can be a very difficult task.

Reliability and trust are factors that weigh heavily in your ability decide on the service provider. But more importantly, we feel that you need help in determining the support you need. At Care Finder® we have documented needs of our customers and the solutions they chose. So quite often, when you come to us with a specific need, we are able to look beyond just that need and offer you solutions. Out of the box.

For example, looking into a customer file from a different angle, we have suggested assisted living over just home care ( which the customers came to us for) and the vice versa. Insights are our inputs. Solutions depend on our understanding the customer needs. We document our understanding and send them to you to validate our understanding. Once we receive the validated document, we then sit with our in-house consultants ( in case we feel that the solutions you’ve asked for needs to be re visited).

From getting medical file ready for an emergency to arranging home visit doctors… we ensure that your loved ones receive comprehensive care. And a peace of mind for you.

Talk to us. We listen. We understand. We help.

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