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Memory Care

What kind of living do you choose for someone who needs memory care ?

This is a very specialized subject.

In India , Alzheimer’s and Dementia are some of the prevalent cases that need specialized medical care. It is estimated that over 4.5 million people are in this category. Usually, in most cases, the need for memory care and residential facility for memory care is noticed only at a much later stage. The awareness is still very low.

In case of Alzheimer and Dementia, the pressure on the primary care giver ( family) is very high. They need help. Residential help for memory care is still evolving in India.

Be it day care, long term care , you need to be sure of the credibility of the organization you are dealing with. Memory care planning has to be done for a long term as the progression of the cases in both Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be sudden or slow.

How do I make my own home friendly for a memory care patient ? We work on safe living within your own home or help identify facilities.

At Care Finder® this is one area, where we have been constantly working with families to evolve solutions. Which is a good facility for my loved one ? What are the costs ? Who will take care of them after my time ?

For residential solutions for memory care, write to us. Or talk to us. 

We listen. We understand. We help.

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