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Team Carefinder®

Murali Chellappan

Murali Chellappan is a sales and marketing professional.    He has worked in senior roles in the elder care industry in sales .   He believes that Technology will play a key role in the way forward.   At Care Finder®  he handles strategy and tech interventions.    Being a care giver himself,   he is extremely passionate about the cause.  Murali has worked with leading organizations like Helios & Matheson,  Radiant Software Limited,   Western Union Money Transfer and Usha International.


Srikumar  ,  Founder ,  Care Finder® is a sales and marketing professional with over 27 years’ experience  .   He founded Care Finder® in 2015 .    He plays a very active role in connecting and communicating with key stakeholders in the industry.   He is part of many industry associations related to Senior Industry.   He plays the lead for the Rotary Action Group for Alzheimer’s and Dementia.   He has worked in very senior roles in Kotak Mahindra,  GE Capital & Randstad India.

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