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Retirement community is also termed as senior homes, elder homes, senior community living.

The retirement home concept has been evolving quite well in India. Though there are no defined standards as yet for the retirement community, one can choose a living based on various factors like location, price and affordability.

Retirement communities offer a lot for the independent living. A few of them are now including care continuum . In India, retirement homes are mostly run by the builder / promoters. The concept of service providers is now becoming a reality. It is important to look into the factors of transparency relating to the community amenities, UDS, promoter track record , cost of future living etc., before making a choice.

Most importantly, you must be sure that you could rent or sell your housing . For this understanding the service provider rules is very important.

Standalone retirement community Vs. integrated township community also makes a big difference. In deciding to buy a retirement community , you need to understand or ask some important questions. 5 most important of them are Location , Access, Security, Care and Food. Continuity in service is a key question one must ask. Who after the builder ? This is a very important question. It is important to ensure that there is an organizational framework with clear business continuity plans for the service provider / promoter.

Retirement communities come in horizontal ( houses, row houses etc., ) or vertical proposition (high rise). The pricing in high rise is floor based. You need to ensure that you have answers to important questions like allotted car park, designated community & amenities and what you have to pay for. With or without frills.

At Care Finder® we have helped many families make informed decision when it comes to buying a retirement community. Our inputs are from insights we have gained from dealing with such families, with whom we are constantly in touch.

Talk to us. Connect with us. We listen. We Understand. We help you make informed decision.

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