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Posted by:   |  Jun 22, 2018

Aging parents and adult children definitely aren’t in the comfort zone that they are used to till such time of their lives. With parents being the givers and children the receivers of love & care, this new role can pose a challenge for both alike. Yet, this is the time that elders yearn for attention and crave for the love of their children. It is the responsibility of adult children to take the time to show their love for aging parents. This will help build strong family ties, where each family member knows that they are cherished and appreciated, no matter what the future holds. How Children Can Show That They Love...  
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Posted by:   |  Jun 08, 2018

Finding the best Senior Living community isn’t as easy as it looks. It needs a lot of thought as this will be one of the most importance decisions in the life of the family and the elder. This means that the elder has to leave their old lives and begin a new chapter – hence there could be varied emotions when this topic comes up for discussion. For many seniors this can be the best option and for some, a necessary one as well. Assisted Living: What You Need to Kno...  
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Posted by:   |  May 14, 2018

Seniors require more care and support as they get older, however it is important for caregivers and families to understand that caring for a senior doesn’t mean that your life has to stop! With a steady increase in senior population families are beginning to understand the importance of respite centres that offer a breather to caregivers. Getting the Experts into Action Many families and caregivers aren’t aware of assisted living communities that can offer them the reprieve while not compromising on the care and needs of seniors. There are very good short term care facilities for seniors who need assistance with daily living. Better known as Respite Care, th...  
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Posted by:   |  May 04, 2018

It’s that time of the year when the term ‘vacation’ is much spoken about! With educational institutes closed, families choose this time to plan their outing. However, no matter how much you would love to, seniors who have mobility or health issues would find it very inconvenient and difficult to travel. As families and responsible children, we want the best for our parents even when we are not around. It is for this reason that Short-term Stay Facilities for Seniors is gaining ground. Nevertheless, how do you choose one? Here is a look at the possible questions to ask before fin...  
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Posted by:   |  Nov 10, 2017

Talk health. Talk mental health.I saw this very important message tucked away as a small awareness board, not more than 2 feet by 1 foot deep inside the Cubbon Park,  Bangalore.I was very happy to see this board,  but I wished it be of larger size and more prominently displayed for many to see. This cause needs public attention. In the sprawling Park, which is still thankfully one of the best things about Bengaluru that I will continue to love, this board is nestled in a place along the sidewalk caught my attention immediately. Probably because you get to see things that interest you. Talking a...  
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Posted by:   |  Oct 14, 2017

Greetings to our most wonderful elder community. As we celebrate 1st October as the World Elder’s day , we thank the many who have given us an opportunity to serve them. Care Finder’s very existence is for assisting a loved one with solutions to their requirements. Over the last two years, we have been able to reach out to multiple people and address a wide range of services . The United Nations General Assembly started celebrating this concept since 1991. The objective was to create awareness to people on issues that affect elders and also to appreciate their contribution towards the society. At Care Finder, we constantly reiterate our belief – Life is t...  
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Posted by:   |  Jul 28, 2017

Is It Ever Too Late To Learn Something New? We live in a world that is driven by technology. Newer and more advanced devices keep getting integrated into our lives. As a Senior Citizen, it’s typical to feel frustrated at these newfangled products, especially if you have no clue as to what it is, or how it works. However, don’t throw away those hard-to-use gadgets just yet. Picture the joy of being able to see your grandchild who lives miles away, perhaps even across the world? Or, the excitement that comes from talking to a long-lost friend who you found recently through social media? This is what innovative tech...  
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Posted by:   |  Jan 18, 2017

Elder care is about comfort in the old age. Comfort is not defined by comfortable living, wealth, good health etc., but about meeting needs. At an age, when one needs to sit, relax and enjoy the natural ageing, many find it difficult to cope with the day to day challenges. Not about health. Not about money. But about basic needs that could be better met with, by or through a caring individual. This is a challenge that confronts most households with elders whose care givers are either out of the country, or are not able to give in that required support, due to ...  
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