Service Provider Perspective FAQ about Care Finder in Chennai

Service Provider Perspective

FAQs on a Service Providers Perspective for Assisted Living and Elder Care Services from Care Finder

What is Care Finder?

Care Finder is an online initiative.

It works as your extended marketing / sales arm.

It connects you to a customer who requires your services.

Care finder works in the area of elder care services.

What is Care Finder's business?

Care Finder is an online portal that connects a service Provider to a service User.

We work on a success based fee with the Service Provider.

The fee is agreed to and a Memorandum of Understanding is signed. You pay only when you get business.

So are you another yellow pages?

No we are not another yellow page/s. Our working module is different.

We do the listing based on the customer needs and not the other way.

We understand your business as an extended sales / marketing arm.

We refer the customer only when we know that your business can actually provide the solution.

This way, the business lead given to you has more credibility.

Why will the customer come to you and not to us directly?

There is no doubt that customer will come to you directly.

A customer comes to us, when he /she want to consult on what is the best solution available to them.

When they want a choice and they are not confident shopping individually, they come to us.

More importantly, there are huge opportunities for cross selling.

A customer, who comes for one service, can always log on to another.

What we give you is incremental business.

What other benefit do we have?

Payment gateway option. Our payment gateway option helps small and medium businesses.

Service providers can benefit from the payu and paypal options for local and overseas customers.

Fresh customers can give you direct referrals if they are happy with your service. We give you a complete customer profile and details, so you are better informed.

Similarly we give the customer a complete.

How many leads can you give us?

We work on a model where we give leads based on our understanding of your business and customer needs.

We have started our online and offline marketing initiatives, so we will not be able to tell you exactly how many leads we can give you.

You must remember that we provide incremental business.

Can you support us with lead management?

We can support you for your marketing back end.

That is on assignment basis.

We work on such modules for a few other clients.

How else can we gain from Care Finder?

Care Finder will give you a finder fee for customers.

This will be explained in detail by our representative when he meets with you.

How can we be sure that you will not give customers to our competition?

Please remember that we are in a lead generating business.

We will give a customer reference only when we feel that your business is the best suited to handle that customer.

There is no exclusivity.

Will Care Finder become a competitor? Will it enter our line of business?

Care Finder has a clear objective of being a business enabler. Its objective is to provide a comprehensive solution to Care Givers for various services. Amazon, Flipcart etc., are larger players in this area. Like them, we will stick to our core competence of sales & marketing, and enhancing reach to the customers.

Your business is not core to our business, and hence we will not become competitors.

Moreover, we are providing service provider with leads and not the vice versa, and hence the question of our becoming a competition does not arise.

What is the customer process?

Care Finder will generate a business lead. Qualify this lead.

Care Finder will then send the complete details of customers and the need to Service Provider.

Similarly, Care Finder will send a comprehensive note to the customer about the Service Provider. Care Finder representative will speak to both the service Provider and to the Customer and inform each other about their connect.

Service Provider will meet with the Customer and keep Care Finder informed over telephone or e mail about the discussions. Service provider will raise invoice for work done to Customer and inform Care Finder about the same.

Based not his information, Care Finder will raise an invoice on the Service Provider on the agreed terms.

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