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Planning a living room in the senior living

When you move into a senior living, very often, you will be moving into a space smaller than what you are used to. Senior living spaces are designed to give you safe secure spaces and this need not be large spaces.

In a recent survey Care Finder® did with over 120 residents of senior living facility, many found the living spaces small. We worked on a questionnaire. Normally the numbers of visitors to homes in a senior community are relatively limited, especially in co-vid times. There is a common area for meet and greet in the community house. So one can plan out the living room accordingly.

A good dining table with four sturdy chairs (slightly high) with cushion could replace the tradition three plus two sofas or chairs. Not only does it provide space for seating, it also becomes a work space if needed. A dining space during times of dining. Visiting elders will find it more comfortable to have a coffee at a dining table. Besides, it automatically takes care of the social distancing. One can also keep flowers or a decorative plant and it adds to the décor. Most importantly, you have an un cluttered space, which is important for elders. Moving around becomes easier.

You can have two recliners to watch television. It is good to move the television to your bedroom. The bedroom can be planned better to have a seating space.

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