Making elder safe toilets for seniors
Toilet is a very important space for elders. It needs to be kept dry, well lit, ventilated and slip free.

It is not enough to get the toilet cleaned for slippery floor regularly. It is important to look at the room completely and comprehensively. Most accidents start with the toilets. At Care Finder® we have visited and advised re modification of the toilet space. Re modelling toilets for elders is not a choice. It is a must.

Low toilet seat, bath tubs, shower chairs that are not sturdy are a concern. From grab bars at right places and angled to anti slip flooring, it is important to pay attention. Apartments and newer constructions use a 7 X 5 toilet. This space should be utilized. Avoid any skirting in between the floor. The floor should be sloping gradually and without any slip steps. In other words, it has to be at one level. Besides exhaust fans, wall fans to keep the bathroom dry is important. Design to keep the toilet accessories like cleaning material and brushes in supporting spaces and they should not fall on floor.

From the door opening outward, to wheel chair friendly doors, and special doors for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and persons with disabilities connect with us for ideas.

Watch out this space for regular updates on designs and products for making elder toilets safe.

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