Customer Perspective FAQ about Care Finder in Chennai

Customer perspective

Customer Perspective FAQ about Health Care Services at Care Finder, Chennai

What is Care Finder?

Care Finder addresses the solution needs of care givers who take care of elders. These care givers can be near the elders or physically away from them.

Care Finder is an internet enabled services or e - portal that can be accessed by people from anywhere and at anytime.

Care Finder addresses these needs by identifying and to certain extent verifying the background of these service providers.

Does Care Finder provides these services themselves?

No. Care Finder is an e portal that connects care givers to appropriate Service providers.

So are you another yellow pages?

No we are not yellow pages. Yellow pages follow a listing model.

We do not list services. Participation in our portal by service providers is strictly by invitation.

We position ourselves as consulting partners.

So what is unique about your value proposition?

The way we have understood needs. We have spent more than a year on Research to identify the needs.

The needs therefore have been expressed by people like you.

Most of these are needs that are immediate and cannot be postponed (kind of) needs.

We scope your requirements to the maximum amount of clarity to understand your needs better.

We validate our understanding of your needs with you in writing before we search for you.

We then find service provider based on needs.

We give a comprehensive history of the service provider including key connects within the service provider to our customers.

Our research is an ongoing project, as we believe the needs keep evolving.


I can still find these service providers on the net. You are also an online player. So what's the difference?

We do the offline work for you. There are many service providers.

 How will you find out details about each of them?

 How will you know that the information provided by them is reliable?

In many cases we do a fresh search based on your needs.

If you are not in Chennai, you will get that peace of mind only when you have done the exercise exhaustively.

Do you guarantee the services?

We do not guarantee services. However, we make sure that the reliability and trust quotient for our referrals are much higher than anyone else.

Do you charge us for these services? How do we pay?

For us to search your needs, you have to become a member.

The annual membership fee is Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only, net of Service taxes)

We bring you far higher value in terms of savings for services for your membership.

You will get a membership card for yourself, or in case you are presenting or gifting the membership to another person, that person gets a Care Finder membership card.

We will be tying up with several useful players in this segment and bring about information and discounts for our customers.

How do we pay for these services if we want to gift a membership to a loved elder?

The process is very easy.

If you want to do it online, you can download our form, or fill an online registration form and send us.

We have worked out easy payment mechanism through PayPal and PayU.

You can also e mail us, and we will send you a form online. You can fill the form and send us a Chennai payable Cheque / DD and courier it to us.

Should we pay you for the services?

In most cases you will pay directly to the service provider.

However in some services there is search fee payable to us. These are for exclusive searches like living.

How are you different from your competition?

It is difficult for us to define competition.

Care Finder has evolved over a period of time.

The needs have been researched and not just put in there. Care Finder will evolve as a thought leader in the area of senior care.

If you browse our portal / web site, you can find the depth of our understanding of the audience requirements.

We are active in the entire senior eco system.

Be it NGO connects, new products or services, we get you information regularly.

Our advisory team is of people of eminence in various fields that directly impact the seniors.

Can I become a life member?

You can become a life member by paying a onetime fee of Rs.5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) life member at end of third year with no additional fee.

Is this service only for care givers? Can an elder person become a member?

Any one above age of 50 can become a member.

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