Assisted Living Homes & Communities for the Elderly in Chennai

Co Living Spaces

Co living spaces is common concept of independent senior living. In most cities.

In co living spaces, you have your own room / studio and share all other common amenities like dining, library, laundry etc.,

The difference between a retirement community and a co living space is the space. Normally you have a very defined space in co living. Sharing room wall with others.

Much to the common belief that co living can be inexpensive, they cost as much as a normal renting of retirement community. However, the advantage is that most of the co living spaces are within a city limit, unlike Retirement communities that are away from the city.

Quality of food, access to amenities, amenities within the facility, reputation of the operator ( especially on financial matters) are a few areas that require attention before decision.

There are qualitative spaces, that are run very professionally, and also new entrepreneurs who have entered this space.

Co Living spaces are ideal for people who would like to visit the city more often and lead a more active life and do not want to be bothered about maintaining an independent living facility. It suits single elders better.

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