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Assisted Living

It is important to understand “what assisted living facility mean”.

Assisted living means living facilities that offer assistance for day to day activities for the residents combining personal and medical assistance to people. Care becomes integral to the offering and is not offered as an ”extra”. It is for people who cannot independently handle their day to day needs.

Assistance for bathing, personal hygiene or walking on a regular basis (mobility) and handling day to day requirements are few of the entitlements of a good assisted living facility. In an assisted living facility these come along with the other living facilities offered. Most often, assisted living is on rental basis.

In India, most of the retirement communities are tuned to provide support to independent residents . However, providing a nurse, having a nursing station or ambulance alone does not constitute an assisted living facility. It is more than providing grab bars, senor lights etc., Assisted living is a very different phenomenon.

Be it care for a short period after hospitalization, or after a surgery where support is required to bring you back to normalcy or for a longer period of time, where these functions are part of the day to day offering of the facility.

Care should be available around the clock and by trained care managers. A good facility should be able to on staff care managers, who will be trained to see medical care plans and assist with changes in care as their needs increase.

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