Retirement Communities

A retirement community (These are also called senior care centers)  is an infrastructure that houses seniors and ensures their well being.   It  is a community where people above a particular age group reside.  Facilities are provided to make their lives easier and enjoyable with care and compassion.

Retirement communities come under various formats.  They can be independent houses/villas,  apartments, co living spaces etc.,  From kitchen, catering, housekeeping, medical help, security a wide range of services are provided at a cost to the residents.

Retirement communities are built to take care of the ageing process and the needs that increase with the ageing.   Independent living,  Assisted Living and Continuous Care are the stages that are normally associated with the process of ageing.

Retirement communities or senior care centers are not real estate businesses

One of the basic information that people should know is to differentiate a real estate product from a senior care facility or a retirement community

In a real estate product,  the responsibility of the builder is complete with completion of the infrastructure and handing over to the customer.   Whereas  In a retirement community,  there is a promise to serve the residents for a specific period of time post hand over.  This can be done directly by the builder or by a service provider.   But the details of the service provider and track record is made known at the time of project to the customer.